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Thrillers That Make Heroes Noble Again

Uncivil liberties series

A series of short-read thrillers set in 2026 in an America even further divided

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    Smear Campaign Cover

    Smear Campaign

    UnCivil Liberties #1

  • Log in. And they’ve got your whole world in their hands.

      The wandering defender who calls himself St George knows this. He has security protocols that make him a ghost.

      But Ellie Swedman has no security. The feisty young businesswoman is at the mercy of whoever hijacked her social media accounts.

      St George can uncover who framed her. But can he rescue Ellie from the mob they’ve unleashed?

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    Uncivil Discourse Cover

    Uncivil discourse

    UnCivil Liberties #2

  • How far would you go to defend free speech?

      Tyler Jones has seen enough street violence for a lifetime. It’s made him the controversial mouthpiece in a new push for gun legislation. And armed men have just invaded his latest speech in Clarksvile, TN.

      After two years of hunting, St George has a lead on the man who murdered his family. The blonde mystery man is spreading chaos across America. George doesn’t know how deep the conspiracy goes. He only knows there’s something big planned in Clarksville.

      Innocent people are dying. Now Tyler’s faced with the uncomfortable irony that the lone hero with a gun might be his only hope for survival.

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    Free Exercise Cover

    Free Exercise

    UnCivil Liberties #3

  • They thought it couldn't happen in America.

        A power hungry governor has targeted the 1st Amendment with an accreditation scheme for religious organizations.

        Benjamin Jones is among a small group of pastors, rabbis and imams leading their congregations to resist. Even in the face of hired thugs and government enforcement.

        Benjamin believes the stranger, St George, is an answer to their prayers.

        But will the hero haunted by his past be enough protection against the powerful?

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    Free Exercise Cover

    hit piece

    UnCivil Liberties #4

  • She reports. They decide her fate.

        Hannah Sinclair is in over her head and tied to a chair. The crime reporter for the Denver Sun has uncovered a conspiracy to destabilize the United States, and her curiosity pulled her right into a trap.

        But she's found a hero pushing back against the evil agents of this hidden plot: A hero known only as St George.

        She has no expectations he’ll show up to rescue her. So she’s ready to fight to save herself.

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    Kill Code Cover

    Kill code

    UnCivil Liberties #5

  • The numbers never lie.

        University professor, Jasmine Patel, found a disturbing trend in the crash statistics of self-driving vehicles: She fears they're being used to target high-profile people for assassination.

        But whoever put the glitch in the system is willing to kill to keep it there. Now losing tenure is the least of her worries.

        She’s trapped in a rampaging autonomous car with a stranger who calls himself St George.

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  • Checks & Balances Cover

    Checks & Balances

    UnCivil Liberties #6

  • St George returns to his hometown to face the senator responsible for destroying his life. 

    Now the crook is blackmailing a local judge to convict an innocent man. 

    George must decide between saving another innocent and restoring justice, or going after the dragon stalking Lady Liberty herself.

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  • Uncivil War Cover

    Uncivil war

    UnCivil Liberties #7

  • St George races to Washington DC with old teammates to stop the endgame that will break America and potentially lead to World War 3.

    His enemies hold all the chips, forcing a vote to rewrite the constitution by kidnapping the families of key senators.

    St George must call in all his favors if he stands a chance. He's willing to sacrifice his life, his fortune, and his sacred honor for this cause.

    And with the help of Providence, he may pull it off.

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